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Soft Case offers straps for string instruments in various designs and colors. The line extends from the nylon line with 5cm wide to the padded line with 7cm wide, for greater comfort.

correia 5cm almofada
correia 5cm nylon listras
correia 5cm nylon xadrez
correia 7cm almofada
correia 7cm couro
correia 7cm preta brilhante
correia 7cm preta fosca
correia 7cm camurca tribal
correia 5cm country
correia 5cm camurca gospel
correia 7cm nylon bordada
correia 5cm camurca
correia 7cm almofadada
correia 5cm nylon bordada
correia 5cm nylon
correia 7cm almofadada 17
correia 7cm tribal
correia 7cm country
correia 5cm camurca bordada
correia 7cm almofadada 21
correia 7cm camurca tribal 22
correia 5cm almofadada bordada


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